Men Styling Tips

You just finished your monthly trip to the barbershop, this time, your barber gave you the perfect haircut you always wanted (let’s face it, even your favorite barber can mess it up at times). He styled your hair perfectly, similar to your favorite character in a drama series. You enjoyed the rest of your day, feeling confident about yourself - especially how you look. Then you head home, showered, and sleep. The next day, before heading out again, you tried to style your hair. But it doesn’t work this time. Why? How did your barber do it? How did the character in the drama series always manages to pull of the stylish look, no matter the hairstyle? Well, fret not! The answer may not lie in your styling technique, or your hairstyle. It may simply be the type of product you are using to style your hair. Using the right products may just be as important as any other factors which can affect how you look. Here are some of the different hair styling products for the different hair types (or length), and the different looks you are looking for:


Hair Cream

Hair Type: Wavy (any length), coiled (any length), straight hair (short), dry or frizzy hair

Look: Flexible, natural look, natural shine

Hold: Low to medium hold
Brush: Boar Bristle

Hair cream contains natural oil, which helps to fix dry and fizzy hair, without feeling greasy or stiff. It nourishes your hair at the same time, depending on the brand and type of cream. Styling cream gives you a subtle and natural looking style. So if you are looking for such look, go for it. For higher maintenance style such as mohawk, spike, pompadour etc., this may not be for you.



Hair Type:  Fine, thin, straight, short hair

Look: Messy (out of bed look), shine/matte, waxy, slippery feel

Hold: Medium to strong hold

Brush: Boar Bristle with Nylon pins or small Wide Tooth Comb

Both oil-based and water-based are available, though water-based is more common nowadays (easily washable). Different types of Pomade are available, ranging from shiny, to semi-matte look. It gives a waxy and slippery feel, offering a more natural texture which moves in the wind. In general, Pomade doesn’t harden up (as much as gel) and allows you to style your hair repeatedly throughout the day.



Hair Type: Fine, thin, wavy, short to medium length

Look: Messy (out of bed look), matte, natural, adds volume

Hold: Strong hold

Brush: Boar Bristle or not requirement

Clay contains ingredients which can help to repair damaged hair and oily scalps. It also has a stronger hold similar to gel, but without the shiny finish. This allows you to be creative, experimenting the style you are looking for. Clay adds volume to the hair, boosting the structure and body.



Hair Type: Any hair length, curly hair

Look: Messy (out of bed look), low shine, matte finish, casual, adds volume to hair, and definition to curls

Hold: Medium to strong hold

Brush: Boar Bristle with Nylon pins or large Wooden Comb

One of the more versatile styling products. Usually water-based, as such it will be easy to wash off. It is thick in consistency, but once warmed in the hands, it will be easy to apply and style. Once it cools down in the hair, it will thicken, holding the hairstyle in place. It is good for the “out of bed” look without much effort. More paste can be applied for a firmer hold for the style you want (good for higher maintenance style such as mohawk, pompadour etc.)



Hair Type: Short, thick, straight hair,

Look: Messy (out of bed look), low to medium shine, or matte finish

Hold: Low to medium hold

Brush: Boar Bristle with Nylon pins or small Wide Tooth Comb

Wax is easy to apply and adjust. It feels thicker compared to pomades and pastes and adds volume to short haircuts. It will not make the hair hard, and crispy, keeping the style flexible and light. Wax is also good for controlling thick and unmanageable strands, or styles that goes well with combing. However, it is best to use sparingly otherwise the hair will look very greasy and may not be easy to wash off compared with other products.


Depending on the style you are looking for – whether is it Harvey Specter (Suits) or Jungkook (BTS), choosing the right hair products can very much alters how you look overall. Sure, the difference may be nuanced for some, but for the rest of us, the details do matter. After all, feeling confident is the first step to making our day right!