Haircare: 15 expert tips on hair care

Are you afraid that the health and beauty of hairstyles are too expensive, and luxurious hair can be obtained only after salon procedures? We will tell you how to choose individual hair care and what mistakes should be avoided.


Haircare is an important part of the daily beauty routine. Healthy and shiny curls will decorate even an everyday look. Dull and weak strands will throw off balance and the chicest outfit. Learn how to properly take care of your hair and always shine: even at the exit to the light, even on a walk in the park. Do you think that there is nothing to help your hair and only a short haircut will save them? Good news: even the most faded and a thousand times dyed hair can breathe new life. The main thing is proper and regular care. We have collected 5 basic tips that will suit owners of different hair types:


1. Wash your hair as needed

There is a myth that the more often you wash your hair, the more often it gets greasy. The reason may be the wrong shampoo. If you have an oily type of scalp and wash it every day, no shampoo will make it a normal type. But an attempt to "retrain" the hair and wash it less often will seriously harm because subcutaneous fat will still accumulate. This will lead to dandruff and itching.


2. Choose shampoo according to the type of scalp, not hair

It's easy to choose a cleansing agent. Does the scalp get dirty on the second day? Choose shampoo "for oily hair". If the head stays fresh for longer than five days, then your choice is shampoo for dry. Do you wash your hair every 3-5 days? Then a shampoo for normal hair type will suit you.


3. Use balms, conditioners, and masks

They have an acidic PH, which neutralizes the alkali from the shampoo. All three products provide a moisturizing effect and take care of the hair, but each has its own functionality.


4. Apply indelible products to the hair

In summer, indelible products protect the strands from UV rays, and in winter, they provide the necessary nutrition and hydration. "Naked" hair will easily become brittle and dry from the temperature difference. The choice of "indelible" is diverse: oils, sprays, serums, and fluids. Choose the products for your hair type, and then the products will not weigh down and will not pollute the strands.


5. Go to bed only with dry hair

Pathogenic microflora is microorganisms that exist in the human body in moderation, but their growth on the scalp can lead to dandruff and other diseases. Haircare includes many rituals, but it always starts with one thing - washing your hair. Do you think that everything is elementary here and the rules have been known for a long time?


Step-by-step instructions for proper hair washing

Step 1. Comb your hair well.

Step 2. Adjust the comfortable water temperature. It should not be too cold or hot, otherwise, the structure of the hair will be damaged.

Step 3. Lather the shampoo in the palms, then apply to the scalp and lather the root zone. Rinse with water and repeat a second time.

Step 4. Gently squeeze the hair or pat it with a towel to remove excess moisture. After that, apply a balm, conditioner, or mask to the length, retreating from the roots by 7-10 cm. Soak the product on the hair for at least 2 minutes.

Step 5. Rinse the product thoroughly. Now you know exactly how to wash your hair properly, and do not make common mistakes.

It's time to move on to the next point of care and figure out how to dry your hair properly and not damage them.

We have collected 7 tips for drying hair

1. After washing, gently squeeze the hair with your hands and blot them with a towel. It is important not to rub the strands; this will lead to thinning, cross-section, and brittle hair.

2. If you like to wrap your hair in a towel, then it should not be heavy.

A long stay of hair in a towel leads to drying of the hair.

3. Do not comb wet hair, let it dry naturally. Disassemble the hair with your hands; apply indelible care, if you dry it with a hairdryer - even thermal protection.

4. When drying with a hairdryer, use a warm mode, not a hot one. It is better to choose an ionization hairdryer and a ceramic brushing.

5. Always direct the airflow from the roots to the tips. Dry and upside down, the main thing is to observe the direction.

6. Dry each area of the hair separately, so no part will dry out.

7. Before using a curling iron or ironing, be sure to dry your hair 100%.